Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Hi FIghters,

I’m not going to lie, this feels very odd not knowing who I am speaking with, other than myself. I’m crazy enough on a good day, so adding to it is not required.

Guess you’re wondering why the hell you should care about what I have to say? Truth be told, you probably shouldn’t. I’m just a 30 year old Canadian guy, who loves Bravo TV and finances.

Yes, you read that right. I am a male. I watch Bravo TV. I love all things Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and Southern Charm. Don’t you dare ask me if I like Below Deck; otherwise, you’re looking to get decked, below the belt.

With that comes an attraction to personal finance. Maybe these fake people aspire me to make money? Just don’t let me get botox yet. Apparently, botox parties are all the rage in my city lately.

Since graduating college 5 years ago, I’ve paid off $55,000 of student loan, credit card, and car loan debt, and grown my networth by more than $150,000. Writing that seems INSANE to me, as I’m just a regular guy with a regular, government job. No 6 figure income and no nest egg from mommy or daddy. Actually, the opposite (son of a single mother – story for another day).

In the last few months, I’ve started getting burnt out at work and saving/investing. I thought about calling it quits, buying a bunch of things, and looking for any other creative outlet. After a few trips, deaths, and some soul searching, I know physical things just aren’t as important as freedom and time with loves ones.

This site is to keep me accountable as I work towards financial independence. I’ll share my networth, income, and expenses to keep me accountable. They won’t be huge $100k increases, but anything + is the right direction.

Anyone who wants to join me and be an accountability partner is SO SO SO welcome to send me an email at guymeetsfi@gmail.com.

Dracarys, bitches.